Notes from the Lab

Drop the Hammer

How it's made: large metal objects. Read More

Google announces Android Wear

A big day for wearables! Google released a developer preview of the new Android Wear platform featuring Ok Google voice control and a totally new UI optimized for smartwatches. Meanwhile, Motorola introduced their round-faced premium smartwatch… Read More

Timbre by Running Farm Labs

We would like to welcome Buddy, Dave, and Jon of Running Farm Labs to the Radicand community!  After a successful Kickstarter launch for Timbre, the team's gorgeous desktop speaker system, Buddy, Dave, and Jon have decided… Read More

Making the Fletcher Capstan Table

15 years of development, 962 components, 3756 fasteners, 1 table. Favorite part: describing custom parts with "... various machine things done to them" Read More

About Radicand

What is Radicand?

The Radicand Lab is a collaborative platform for entrepreneurial and freelance engineering development.  Our space is home to a number of engineers, designers, hackers and makers who are all working to create innovative products which will change the way we live our lives.

We provide free access, mentorship, tools and space to qualified teams and individuals.  We also provide paid consulting services if you would like to engage our staff and community members in a collaborative engineering design challenge.

How do I become a member?

A free Membership to the Radicand Lab is only offered to exceptionally talented engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.  We are currently looking for individuals and teams who are passionate about solving real-world problems through innovative hardware solutions.  

Membership includes access to project space, prototyping tools, and a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurial individuals. 

Our members are also actively engaged in many of the consulting projects that we run at Radicand.  By applying your engineering, design, and programming skills to our client projects, you can get paid for what you love to do!

Where is the Lab?

The Radicand Lab is located in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Our Lab is setup in an industrial section of Redwood City, CA just south of downtown.  We’re 10-15 minutes from the Stanford University campus and 40-50 minutes from SF.

Our address is: 220 Pine Street, Redwood City, CA 94063.

While Radicand members have 24/7 access to the Lab, the Radicand Staff is also available for meetings and consultations during the following business hours:  10AM-8PM Monday-Friday.  Give us a call if you’d like to come by on the weekend; we’re generally in & out of the Lab on Saturday and Sunday.


Radicand offers all resources necessary for early-stage, hardware-focused startup growth. The facilities and equipment are fantastic, but community is what sets Radicand apart.

Alex Walker

Radicand Member & Co-Founder at Tiptop

As a co-founder of a consumer product venture, I am happy to say that we were lucky to work with Greg and his team at Radicand over the past several months. Radicand recruited an exceptional team of engineers to work on research and development projects on our behalf.

Samuel Leichman

Radicand Client & Founder at LivingPlug, Inc.